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Bosch and Haibike

New E-Bike World Tour Main Partners


The E-Bike World Tour welcomes two symbolic brands of e-mountain biking into their partners. Already working with the Verbier E-Bike Festival, Bosch eBike Systems and Haibike now extend their partnership to the E-Bike World Tour.


Bosch eBike Systems

The E-Bike World Tour can rely on Bosch eBike Systems for the next two years, bringing with it the “Bosch eMTB Challenge”. The Challenge has stops at several destinations, two of which will be Tignes-Val d’Isère and Verbier during the e-bike festivals for this year. An additional third date is already scheduled for 2022 in Flachau (Austria) the next 24th–26th of June.

Even if rider ability will play a role in the final results, the Bosch eMTB Challenge is not only about competition – it’s also about riding techniques and skills and thus open to anyone who wants to push themselves a little further.

"The E-Bike World Tour fits very well with us because it stands for something that is close to our hearts: Riding fun with the eMountainbike. Exploring new trails together, challenging each other, having a good time together. Whether for beginners or advanced riders, we see the event as an ideal meeting point for the scene and that's why we are already looking forward to being there in Tignes – Val d’Isère and Verbier with our eMTB Challenge."

Tamara Winograd, Vice President Marketing and Communication at Bosch eBike Systems

"It is a great pride for E-Bike World Tour to partner with Bosch for the 2 coming years. The Bosch E-MTB Challenge proposed at each E-Bike World Tour stop, is about flow, uphill and downhill, for all participants, elite to beginners, to discover the magic of e-biking."

Nicolas Hale-Woods, CEO, E-Bike World Tour



The E-Bike World Tour is also delighted to welcome Haibike as a partner for 2021 and until 2023.

The goal of this pioneering company is clear: to continue sharing the experience of e-MTB with as many people as possible, no matter whether they are beginners or experts. The German brand will be present at both events on the calendar for the E-Bike World Tour 2021. It will be adding further depth to the experience for everyone taking part.

"We are super happy to be partner of this unique event and we are fully convinced of the whole EBWT concept. It's an impressive and outstanding eMTB racing format in some of the most stunning surroundings of the Alps and a perfect fit for the brand." 

Matthias Rückerl, Global Brand Manager

"E-Bike World Tour is very proud to partner with Haibike for the next 3 years, a pioneer brand with over 10 years of experience in the e-performance cycling. Together, with Haibike, our goal is to provide the best possible experience to the elite riders around the Mont-Blanc and share this breath-taking content with our global audience."

Nicolas Hale-Woods, CEO, E-Bike World Tour


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