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Five easy tips to clean your E-Bike:

1. Use a proper cleaner and rinse well

Even though some dismiss using spray on bike cleaners they can make the difference from cleaning your E-Bike to washing off your E-Bike. Apply the spray and leave it for a couple of minutes depending on the product used, then wash it off. This helps a lot to remove all residue from your E-Bike even from those areas which sometimes are missed.


However, using spray-on cleaners means you are handling chemical cleaners. Make sure to protect your self and wash them off multiple times. This will prevent damages to the bike colour. These products are very efficient, you won't need to cover it in a coat of foam, just a light spray will be enough.


Lastly, properly dry your E-Bike after rinsing. It will remove any residual spray, ensure a clean surface and prevent any excess water to drip into parts which may rust.

How to clean an E-Bike 1

2. How to clean the drive chain

The drive chain is one of the most important part of your E-Bike and it is also the most delicate. It will push you up hill however, it will get tossed around and dirty really quickly.


Once more, cleaners will help you remove all that dirt from it, make sure to also clean your chainring and jockey wheels.


The best way to remove all of the dirt is an old toothbrush, this will reach the smallest areas which some times are neglected. Then wash and dry your chain before spraying  some lubricant of your choice. Leave it for a moment and the dry it with some paper. Many make the mistake of leaving the chain covered in lube, this will only attract even more dirt.

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3. How to show your suspension seals some love

You don't need to be an expert E-Bike mechanic, this will help your suspensions to run smoothly and remove some of the dust accumulated on the seals. 


You will need to get some fork oil, once you have washed and dried your E-Bike (Read Chapter 1), apply a good amount of oil at the end of the suspension near your seals. Push you bike down in other to make you fork travel a couple of times then wipe it clean.


Constantly exposing you seals to water, sun dirt will make them dry, this can ruin them over time, this maintenance will make them last longer.

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4. How to check tire pressure

Storing your E-Bike for long periods of time or just riding a lot can make you pressure drop. This might not mean you have a leak, however it will change the handling during your ride.


Tire-pressure gauges come in many variations, digital and analog at different price points. Digital are becoming more common, accurate and are able to check you pressure in second. 


Keeping the right tyre pressure, is important for traction, handling and to avoid faster tire wear. This will take you seconds to do.

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5. How to check bolts and bearings

This is not a regular maintenance activity, however once a year checking all of your bolts can avoid having loose parts on your E-Bike. Get your self a torque wrench, look up online for the specifics of your bike and tighten all bolts this will make a difference.


Similarly, inspecting your bearings will ensure no cracks are formed without you knowing.

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